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Our amazing team

Gurudas Padhar

Gurudas Padhar

The Dreamer

The Chief visionary and the Ringleader of Brainstorming rounds. The orchestrar of Awe-Inspiring Moments.

Gurudas Padhar

Dion Fernandes

The Doer

Our Smooth working Grease and strong centring Frame for the cycle. The Glue that just won't let us fall apart.

Gurudas Padhar

Shriram Mehta

The Visionary

Innate Problem Solver,Chief of Counters. Analytical master and strict to every penny.

Gurudas Padhar

Tasneem Chopdawala

The Innovator

Being the Social Media Sorcerer also is the Director of Astonishment and a Maestro of Digital Design.

Gurudas Padhar

Aditya Motiwala

The Connector

The Man with a Plan of conversion with great Communicating skills and depth of Presentation.

Gurudas Padhar

Kedar Ramdasi

The Taskmaster

The Skeptical Leader of the lot bringing sophistication to simplicity.